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Jessica Bordner Photography and Your Sparkling EventBeauty by Creative at Heart is an elite team of hair designers and make-up artists who are excited about the events surrounding their clients lives.  Debra Hoefl, founder and creator of Beauty by Creative at Heart is quick to point out that it’s not her business; we are a team and it belongs to all of us.  Although she is scheduler, and promoter, she is the director of operations.  A young business which started officially at the beginning of 2019,  Ms. Hoefl has been a makeup artist for over 13 years and the team is made up of seasoned professionals who are passionate about their craft and making people feel amazing. It’s the feel-good factor – how can you not feel good about making people feel like their most amazing self?
As with a new business, getting the name “out there” is the most important item of business.  It is important for people to recognize that we are the same hair and makeup professionals that they may have already worked with in the past who are now working as a team.

In looking back, if Debra had to do it all over again she would perhaps have reached  out earlier to more people in the industry and doing bridal shows but she is quite confident she is satisfied with what has been done thus far and will continue to do so.

The thing that differentiates Beauty by Creative at Heart is “We genuinely care about our clients and their day. We really get involved with our customers. We never miss a deadline. We’re never late arriving. We’re on time or ahead of schedule. We have a unique team. We’re like family, and therefore our clients are more than just clients to us.”

Customers are brought in via bridal shows and referrals from past brides and through event planners and other industry professionals. Debra has established relationships with.  Our brides are tech savvy and smart women so there is no print advertising.  Internet marketing, social media and online reviews are BCH’s advertising.  Debra uses her phone for scheduling, posting, and invoicing the clients right away, no matter where she is.

Goals for the future six months to a year she said, “I’d like to have a slightly larger team, and keep my current team busy. We’d like to be booked every single weekend all year long, not just the busy season.” For all the non-brides out there, the busy season in South Florida is the winter. Beauty by Creative at Heart is already booking in 2020. “In the spring and summer, we do proms, graduation and senior pictures. We also collaborate with other wedding industry professionals.” Photographers may have a photo shoot and we are called to create the perfect photo for engagements, baby showers, or any life event.

The booking process starts with the bride contacting Debra, who then gets all the venue information, size of the bridal party and the date of the event. At that point, the team is contacted to see which artists are available on the event date. Once that is accomplished, Debra presents the bride with a price quote. There are no add-ons. Lashes are always included with makeup and there is no additional fee for air brush makeup. We have a wide service area so there is rarely a mileage charge to travel to the venue.

A trial and consultation are recommended so the bride can see what the makeup and hair will look like on the day of the event.  An hour and a half give the bride peace of mind and any issues can be taken care of.  This is offered at a discounted price. The same artists who do the trial will be doing the event.  Once booked, the bride is also copied on all the calendar events, so she knows it’s booked. The business is geared towards making the bride more comfortable and reducing stress. Debra states “I don’t like stress, so I don’t want them to be stressed.”

Not only does the name suit the team, but every member has a big heart.  Debra herself has a foster son, who she simply refers to as her son. “Everybody on our team has a big heart. I’ve done quick makeup on flower girls for free, because she felt left out. I have helped a bride into her Spanx. It wasn’t our job, but all the attendants had just had their nails done.”  The team does whatever is necessary for the client.  “We double check each other’s work and make adjustments as necessary. I love our team. We meet once a month to strategize and for a “play date” and try out new techniques on each other. Luckily we all have different types of skin and hair.”

Although the bulk of their business is from Boca Raton to Port St. Lucie, they are open to traveling. The team has worked as far south as the Keys, and as far north as central Florida, and the west coast.

At this point, the BCH team consists of makeup artists:  Debra, Lisa, Becca and Taylor;  hair designers include Sierra, Klysty and Ashley; and, Jessica who is skilled in both makeup and hair.

Beauty by Creative at Heart can be contacted at 561-310-3231, or website

P.S.  A tip for all the princesses out there:  Debra offers a beauty tip for straight hair, add some dry shampoo for volume. As for make-up, “Take care of your skin. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. That’s how you get great makeup.”

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